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Sabbir Ahmed, Learning Bangladesh

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establishing a trusting, nurturing, positive relationship between the mentor and a young entrepreneur.


Providing unique knowledge, skills, insights, methods that is aimed at helping leaders get better results


Influencing employees to gain new knowledge or information that helps them to do a job well.

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Towfiqul Arafat is not a trainer only for digital marketing learning, but for a good career. I see many young boys became professional by the take care of him. I am proud to be a students of Towfiqul Arafat.

Solayman Rumon

Digital Marketing Manager, Sales Manager

He is one of the best digital marketer in Bangladesh as well as a good mentor. I took consultation and training for my local business and alhamdulillah i am running my business very well.

Fariha Chowdhury

Small Business Owner

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